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About us

We manufacture, supply and export 100% environment friendly, recycled, biodegradable, photo degradable, compostable green products from India such as carry bags, garbage bags, recycled newspaper pencils, paper straws, jute grow bags, biodegradable takeaway containers and many such alternatives to plastic products.


Our company is committed to eradicating plastic from our environment with alternative solutions. We have successfully replaced plastic carry bags with our eco grade carry bags made from sugarcane bagasse, corn and other plant starch

in various states of India and are determined to bring about a change in the entire country. We also export our carry

bags and biodegradable compostable garbage bags to other countries. You can contact us to get further details, sizes, prices of all our products and we would be happy to supply them to you. We can customize all our eco friendly products with your company logos and design. We are grateful to all the organizations, especially the hospitality industry for

making the switch and using our products and setting an example for others. We look forward to hearing from you

and providing a sustainable packaging solution for you business.

Our Directors

Geetanjali Lobo

An art director by profession and business partner to Marlon Lobo in his hospitality ventures, Geetanjali actively researched solutions for pollution along with him for year and a half before the launch of 'Earthytude' eco friendly products in order to materialize Marlon's vision of a clean Goa. She realized to make a change, it was time to change our attitude towards the earth and thus the title 'Earthytude' was coined.

Marlon Lobo

Being a chef who worked around Europe and now returned to his homeland Goa, Marlon has

tirelessly worked towards helping

the hospitality industry with his consultations and supply chain of high quality local produce. His love for adventure and nature compelled him to take action against the deteriorating beauty in Goa. He couldn't help but notice the plastic pollution caused by the industry and resolved to bring about a solution!